Our employees of the year 2016–Kerry, Tracy and Nisa

Our employees of the year 2016–Kerry, Tracy and Nisa

In 2014, CLEAR launched the Pauline Uludag Employee of the Year Award in memory of our well-loved Claims Manager Pauline Uludag, who lost her fight with illness in December 2012 and passed away. Pauline was known for her exemplary standards, cheerful and considerate demeanour and genuine warmth towards clients, colleagues and insurers. The award was set up to recognise those of our staff who go the extra mile like Pauline did.

We had several staff nominations for our award and we were delighted to announce at our recent staff party that the winner of the 2016 award was Kerry Thompson. There were also two runner up awards; Tracy Holding-Director of the Year and Nisa Leach-Young Achiever of the Year.

 Kerry Thompson-Employee of the Year 2016

Kerry and HowardKerry Thompson in our HR team has contributed a tremendous amount over the years. With a ready smile she always puts herself out to help others. She was without doubt the “people’s choice” with by far the most nominations. The feedback from Kerry’s nominees shows that she represents in spades all of the qualities we would like to celebrate.

Here is one of our favourite quotes from Kerry’s nominations:

"I have worked with Kerry for many years now and have always found her a pleasure to work with. She is warm, cheerful and has great attitude no matter what."

Tracy Holding- Director of the Year 2016

Tracy and HowardTracy Holding in our Corporate team has also contributed lots over the years; she is always busy and over-worked but that’s because we all know that if Tracy’s doing it, it will get done and get done well and without complaint. Here is an example of one of the excellent nominations we received for her:

 "Tracy has proven to be a loyal, fastidious stalwart of CLEAR. There's hardly an issue where the answer isn't 'we could talk to Tracy'."

 Nisa Leach- Young Achiever of the Year 2016

Nisa and HowardNisa Leach in our Professional team has developed incredibly from the shy, nervous girl who joined us straight from school into the person she is now. She has always contributed her best but in the last year she has, in addition, held the fort with great success in our Employee Benefits Team. Nisa is now an invaluable part of the Professional Team – one of our areas of real expertise. Here is one of the great nominations we received for her:

"Nisa, is always helpful in anything I ask of her, always delivers the information required with a smile and nothing is too much trouble. I have watched her grow into a very professional young lady who is without doubt an asset to CLEAR."

Howard Lickens, CLEAR’s CEO, commented:

"Running a business has its moments and handing Kerry, Tracy and Nisa the 2016 Pauline Uludag Employee of the Year Awards is definitely a highlight."

We have now started receiving nominations for our 2017 award, and are already look forward to announcing the winners!